In 1643, Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer.  He wanted to see what the weather was barometerlike.  Also, he wanted some insight into what the weather was going to be.  Little did he know that his invention would revolutionize the world!  Today, we have meteorologists on TV to predict the weather.  So where do barometers fit into our daily lives?  Let’s start by looking at barometers in business.

As an example, in the apartment industry, businesses that are in transition are a great barometer.  Businesses that are hiring, building, moving, or asking for loans, are great indicators that jobs will be made available, hiring will take place, and apartments will be needed.  Other industries have their own barometers they use to predict their economic future.  The ability to look at a trigger event in order to predict the future – this is the barometer for business.  What is the barometer for your sales model?

Also, barometers can be used to study the present.  Look inside your own office.  Who inside of your office is the barometer?  Is the staff upbeat?  Is efficiency at an all-time high?  Is there disgruntlement in the office over recent decisions?  Every office of more than three people has that person you can watch to gauge what the general mood of the office is.  Knowing who to watch can equal knowing how to act when an internal decision needs to be made or how to react when a decision is controversial. Who is the mood barometer in your office?

One other way barometers can be used is at the point of sale.  What factors impact your sales environment?  An example of this is that McDonalds sells more hotcakes on rainy mornings.  In addition, the holiday season creates a barometer for the retail industry. This is in turn used by the Food Service industry to predict restaurants’ volume of sales.  What factors create a spike or decline in your sales volume?  Using these as a barometer helps you always be ready for the best and worst of times.

Barometers are wonderful tools of measurement used by scientists.  You can be a scientist that studies your business environment in order to achieve a better ROI (Return on Investment).  What you learn could earn you the Nobel Prize for Sales Success.

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  2. Diana says:

    I was wondering if I could use your barometer picture for my blog
    do let me know
    Thank you

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